Hoya lacunosa
(heart shaped leaves)

This Hoya is also known under the name Hoya krohniana 'Eskimo'. The Hoya lacunosa (heart shaped leaves) has in the past been renamed to the the species H. krohniana. In our view, this has happened incorrectly. At the moment we see more names appearing for exactly the same species as Hoya krohniana 'Silver Leaves' Hoya krohniana 'Super Silver Leaves' Hoya krohniana 'Splash' Hoya. Hoya lacunoa 'Silver Leaves' Hoya lacunosa 'Splash' Hoya krohniana 'Eskimo Silver' (Super Eskimo) and so there are dozens more varieties that all relate to 1 variety of the Hoya lacunosa. This happens because the word 'Eskimo' is a culturally sensitive word. We fully understand this. However, we want to prevent it from appearing that these are all different variants. That is not the case. That is why we choose to use the original name as it once came into culture. This concerns the Hoya lacunosa (heart shaped leaves). This variant that we offer appears to be quite instable in the amount of Splash. Most of the time the leaves are very silvery but they can range from full silver too full green leaves and everything in between them. The size of the leaves in average growing conditions are about 2/2,5 cm wide and 5/6 cm long. Growing them them in a lot of light makes the leaves much smaller and more heart shaped.