Hoya bella 'Anneke Buis'

2 beautiful variegated Hoya bella mutations originated in the early 80's in the nursery of the Buis family.


Often the name of these beautiful varieties is misspelled or translated. Incorrect names are: Hoya bella 'Luis Buis', Hoya bella 'Lois Bois', Hoya bella 'Variegata', Hoya lanceolata var. bella albo-marginata,
Hoya bella 'Albomarginata' And any other variety you can think of.


The breeders have named these 2 Hoya mutations after their daughters. Hoya bella 'Anneke Buis' & Hoya bella 'Lida Buis' These are the only correct names this plant can bear.


See source page 29: Hoya nieuwsbrief nr. 1 april 1984 www.ruurdvandonkelaar.nl