There is nothing more beautiful than the Hoya. For everyone's taste or experience of green fingers, there is a variety that will suit you. But beware, they are very addictive. Hoya is a rich genus with hundreds of different types of creeping and climbing plants. The different flowers and rich diversity of leaves continue to amaze you every time. Truly a feast for the eyes.

The cuttings will be classified into 3 categories based on how difficult the growing conditions need to be. Hopefully this will make it easier to make a choice between the large selection.

It is a lot of work to take a photo of each cutting separately and put it on the website. But we also see that there is a demand for this. Especially with the more expensive, rarer Hoya varieties. The cuttings in the easy category will therefore no longer contain this. So that we can focus more on the rarer species.

The unrooted cuttings will no longer be in 1 category. But together with the rooted cuttings are placed in one of the 3 categories. You will find these a lot in the easy category, and less in the difficult category. In this way we only have 1 product left from each Hoya variety.

This is important because there is a new function on the webshop to submit requests. So that an email is automatically sent when it is back in stock. This does not work when I keep removing the sold out products and placing a new product.

Unfortunately, we see that it often happens that the name is incorrect with the Hoya that is offered. Unfortunately, we have often experienced this disappointment ourselves. We think it's important to be really sure that what we're selling is really what it is. The only way to know for sure is to get the plant to flower.

Because we have been surprised quite a few times with something different than it should have been, we have many of the same species and cultivation forms that are slightly different in terms of leaves. To avoid confusion and to be able to make a clear distinction in our collection, they will be offered with our own collection number. So that if the plant blooms later. We can add the photo to the website with additional information.

New are therefore fancy name labels with a self-made photo of the flower (if available) A little information, A QR code to the original publication (if available) and a QR code to our own website where we want to share as much information and photos as possible. Not all QR codes will work immediately. Missing pages are added

All these changes will take some time. We look forward to seeing you again soon in our renewed webshop with even more love for the Hoya. 


Lechuza Pon

Until recently we had no experience with this great product. Specially developed for hydroponics. And plant nutrients for 6 months. Your Hoya will never get too much or too little water again in a self-watering pot. All they need is enough light and a little love.


Hoya Silver Jewellery

Each flower is 100% Unique.